Hawk India is Kolkata's top security services company and has over four decades of industry experience to offer 360-degree security solutions. The foundation of the agency was laid in 1975, and since then, the secu-rity group soars high when it comes to positioning the highly-advanced security solutions available all over the globe like Investigation services, muscled security services and Facility management and other special-ized departments. The Hawk Security Group is one of the most efficient companies offering high-end security service in Eastern India with headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. For many years, the agency is offering dedicated services in the realm of security and intelligence at both the private and government level.

Why Hawk Security Group?

With over 40 years of service and experience, Hawk has all that you need for enhancing security and intelligence services. The company is licensed by the Home Department, Government of West Bengal. It is one of the most preferred security group in the eastern India region and we have won numerous awards which includes the highly honored President of India for Excellence. This is quite prestigious for us as a service provider and we strive to maintain the quality of service throughout our timeline.

When it comes to security services, we have Union -free guards and adopt the best payment and employment practices in the industry which eliminates the need to deploy personnel to engross in any unions and dissents. Along with this, we work on Self-Owned Training Facility, where rigorous in-house training is set for the guards at the well-organized service center. The guards at Hawk India are equipped to handle any unwanted situation and can combat intrusion or peripheral outbreaks.

Hawk India offers Police verified security guards who are trained under strict protocols and taught all that is required to work at extreme situations. They undergo the process of police verification under the top security services and therefore, come with the assurance that guards from us will meet all your expectations.