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Hawk has planned and implemented
hi-tech and world class security equipment across our army cantonments.
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Firm
RFID Overview
Drive business performance by bridging digital and physical systems.

Our Expertise
Asset visibility solutions that optimize the value of enterprise assets.

Our Value
Empower customers to efficiently manage their assets, improve staff productivity and transform their operations.
Enterprise Asset Visibility Related Pain Points & Issues
Business inefficiencies due to lack of asset visibility
Asset loss /redundant capital purchases and leases
Reduced staff productivity /satisfaction
Regulatory compliance/ audit/ internal materials control challenge
Pressure to improve profitability and asset utilization
Increasing Customer Benefits – Leveraging the Software Investment
Location & Positioning
Location Identification
Equipment Maintenance
Inventory Tracking
Management Support Apps.
Asset Accountability
Rental/Lease Management
Inventory Management
Equipment Management
Process Improvement/ Performance Measurement
Six Sigma/Lean process
Compliance/ Risk Mgmt
Business Activity Monitoring
Financing / Accounting
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